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24 July 2011 @ 06:16 pm
The official dates for the rounds of the Olympics have come out, and I've got a few things to type out so bear with me here. Basically what will happen is this: we'll be given a prompt for the round on a certain date. We'll then have until ANOTHER pre-determined date to collaborate with each other/individually create works to submit. As a group, we can only submit one piece for the official rounds. I'd like to have way more than one, so that we (as a group) can vote on the best and come to an agreement before sending it off to fight fight fight! In between official rounds there will be Bonus Rounds, in which we can earn a bunch of points simply submitting lots of things, with no prompt needed. I feel like we have a good chance at this, so let's band together and make it happen!

The rounds are as follows:

Round One
Prompt posted July 30
Submissions due August 10
Participants: Man-D, Seraph, Jeff, Kamera, bossfight, Kay

Round Two
Prompt posted August 15
Submissions due August 27
Participants: Man-D, Jeff, Chizu, Soup, bossfight, Kay

Round Three
Prompt posted September 1
Submissions due September 13
Participants: Man-D, Seraph, Jeff, Kamera, Chizu, Soup, bossfight, Kay

IN ADDITION: there is also a final round, one in which we must all collaborate to create a bigger piece, that has both words, pictures, and whatever else we choose to submit (music, fanmixes, etc). This is the BIG COMPETITION, one which I will give you more information on at a later date! But the round for this: the prompt is going to be given on July 30 and we will have until September 13 to turn in our finished piece of wonderful.

So I have two things that I want to ask right now.

• What Rounds can you commit to? (at least one, preferably two. It doesn't have to be definite, but an assurance that you'll be able to compete in at least one would be nice)
• What are your talents? To get a better grip on what we as a community can do, I'd like to know what your super special powers are. Do you write, can you voice act, can you draw, can you compose?

If you could please answer these two questions ASAP by commenting here, it would make me a happy Man-D! In addition, I'm making up a contact post immediately after this. Soonish (hopefully within the next week) we should strive to have some group bonding time, to get a better feel for how we'll groove as a team.

Also: ADVERTISE! Each ad on a website that you post gains us 5 points towards our total, and we can gain up to 100. Some teams have already maxed their points for ads, so spread the word and let's get up there! Tumblr, deviantArt, Archive of our Own, Livejournal, Youtube, the MSPA forums, your own personal blog...the list is endless. LET'S JUST START SPREADING THE WORD.

Thanks for sticking with me guys!
23 July 2011 @ 02:48 pm
Welcome to Hussie Ships It!
( Alcoholics Brononymous and/or the Bro/Mom Shipping Community )

This is just an intro post for all of our members! If you'd like to introduce yourself and start up conversations here, feel free to do so. I'm Man-D, the palhoncho for this community, and I am super stoked for all of the Bro/Mom shenanigans that we will have set afoot! If you have any questions or suggestions or what have you, feel free to PM me on this account or hit me up on AIM (I'll make a contact post later, one that's comm-locked).

Can't wait to see what we bring to the table!